6 Reasons Why Pet Rescue Saga isn't the Next Candy Crush Saga

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is effectively just as addicting as Candy Crush Saga and can make your labor of love to save all of the adorable pets from the animal snatchers. The game, which has over 5 million daily players, is among the top 10 casual games currently on social networking sites.

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Maybe King needs a real-world rescue. Its game Candy Crush Saga, which moved to smartphones in November 2012, stays the top application on Facebook, as per AppData.com. Around a half year sooner, the game Bubble Witch Saga was brought to mobile. Pet Rescue Saga is presently the third game that King.com has moved from Facebook to smartphones.

Pet Rescue Saga is a game about safeguarding pets from detestable pet snatchers. Relying upon the level, various creatures will at the highest point of a variety of colored blocks. The item eliminates the squares by tapping on vast spaces of a similar shading, which makes those blocks vanish. Ideally, that makes the animals down to the bottom of the screen.

However, on mobile, the circumstance appears to be unique. Pet Rescue Saga Download was dispatched on iOS in mid-June and hasn't even nearly arrived at the statures of Candy Crush Saga's achievement as far as income and dynamic players.

Look at the Top 6 elements, keeping Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga back from turning into the next Candy Crush Saga.

Absence of Strategy

Strategy is undoubtedly what makes Candy Crush Game Download so convincing. When playing CCS, you continually feel that each move count – a feeling caused by the mix of match-three mechanics and a set number of moves. In Pet Rescue Saga, on the other hand, the speed is much quicker. Players can tap practically any tiles on the field, diminishing the deduction required before taking action. By decreasing the measure of reasoning and getting ready for great moves, PRS additionally downplays the essential piece of the game.

No Pay-to-Continue-Mechanics

Monetization is essentially about maintenance. The more drawn-out players play, the more probable they'll put some cash into the game. However, care isn't sufficient. You additionally need to spur interest for players to go through money, and you need to create moments where players are urged to change over from a free client to a paying one.

In the Candy Crush Game Download Free genre, the change minutes happen each time players fail a level, and they are offered the likelihood to pay $0.99 for a couple of additional moves. It's the same game mechanics that we became accustomed to at the arcades.

Expanded Difficulty

In Candy Crush Game Download, the trouble is expanded by the different restrictions added to the levels, including level shapes, clocks, restricted moves, and various candy locks. Pet Rescue Saga Download for PC follows precisely the same course for expanding trouble in any case; as we would see it, they do it somewhat off-base. Pet Rescue Saga Download strays from the brilliant way of CCS by adding profiting components like bombs and rockets. They change the gameplay from trying to match and break as many tiles as could be expected under the circumstances to sorting out some way to appropriately utilize a particular added component that isn't essential for the core game.

Poor Graphics

Above all else, the graphics of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga looks awful. The map is by all accounts motivated by the maps of amusement parks, yet the outcome is befuddling and, as we would see it, even somewhat dreadful. Second, the pets don't look charming by any means. Indeed, even with the large heads and enormous eyes, there's only something off about them. Third, the helpless goal of the graphics makes the game look just ugly on the giant splendid screen of an iPad.

Confounding Story

As we would like to think, the storyline of casual games plays a minimal role in achieving a game. Pet Rescue Saga doesn't get carried away with the story –We mean there scarcely is one. Yet, there's barely enough story to make everything very befuddling. Players should save pets. Alright. But, from whom? Where do the rescued pets go? For what reason does the progress map have nothing to do with saving pets? Why are the pets pigs and seagulls? We mean, who has a seagull as a pet!?! You get our point.

Absence of Visual and Audio Feedback

Likely the most fulfilling feeling in Candy Crush Game Download is when players figure out how to make an insane combination of candies and make them pop, gathering up a few lines and rows of sweets. The graphical and sound input that follows these blends is essentially over the top. Whereas in Pet Rescue Saga Download, even the most fabulous combinations don't feel fulfilling. Regardless of whether you clear two or twenty tiles with one touch, the feedback from the game is the very same as far as graphics and sound. The input doesn't urge the players to go for the blends of gigantic obliteration, and thus the game doesn't direct players on the most proficient method to become master of the game.

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