7 Typing Games for Kids and When to Start Playing Them

Typing Games are perhaps an ideal way to help your children with learning type; numerous kids learn better and quicker when there is an element of fun included, so utilize these Free Typing Games and assist your kid with mastering a new skill.

Our children are so capable of PCs, Smartphones, and tablets that it's not difficult to fail to remember they have to become familiar with a couple of fundamental abilities toward the beginning. Having the option to type rapidly and precisely saves kids time and gives them trust in their capacities. Additionally, if they begin typing at the pre-K level, it can also help with letter recognition.

Typing lessons can appear to be somewhat dull, yet fortunately, there are bunches of intuitive Typing Android Games for Kids, applications, and activities to get little ones learning how to type capably in no time to all. "Do typing practice an ordinary routine, and children will improve," clarifies 3rd-grade educator Miriam Ahmed. "It resembles anything: The more they practice, the better they'll get and the simpler they'll find it."

We asked educators for their best Typing Test Games for youngsters in preschool to middle school to get your growing typist on their way.

Typing Games for Kids

When to Start Typing Games Free Practice?

The best age to teach youngsters to type depends on the kid in question. A few children will take to typing from ages as low as 3 or 4, while others might require a bit more time. Many examinations have shown that teaching typing at exceptionally young ages will generally yield the best outcomes, however.

When settling on a decision regarding when to begin a child on the way to capable typing by memory, the main thing to remember is that the assumptions for students of different ages should be sensible.

Tiny kids, for instance, may have a good time with fewer keys and a topical experience, while older children might help more from multiplayer Kids Typing Games races and different types of contests.

Check Out 7 Typing Games for Kids

Jungle Junior

Jungle Junior spotlights teaching Typing to kids as youthful as pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders. Kids who know the letters in order can easily play this game. It likewise shows legitimate finger movement and placement.

Typing Club

It is a straightforward and simple-to-use Typing Race Games for kids. In this game, the point is to move gradually up to 100 words per minute. There are educational recordings, challenging matches, and anchoring lessons that guarantee your children place their hands accurately on the keyboard. This game teaches children to never peer down at the keyboard while giving you direction on legitimate finger situating. There are various levels of trouble children can choose from.

God of Word

It is one of the epic tests of wordplay and Typing Games for Beginners, enchanting setting of Greek Mythology, and different game modes to fabricate a classic word game.

The game tests your vocabulary abilities as you re-sanction the famous stories of yore as the Apprentice of Hermes. There are many world scramble riddles and speed typing challenges to overcome adversaries.

Throughout the gameplay, you will get a few opportunities to open weapons and reinforce them with exceptional qualities. Additionally, there are various exciting bonus rewards you need to finish executioner and chest minigames.

Keyboard Climber 2

Oh no! There's a monkey stuck at the lower part of a cave! In this game, children can help the monkey by bouncing up rock stages, which they can do by perceiving the letters that pop up on the screen. With each letter kids type accurately, the monkey gets a banana pack; if they fail to understand the situation, a coconut falls on the monkey's head, and the level should be restarted.

Keyboard Climber 2 is one of the best Free Typing Games for Kids who are new to the letters as there's no clock, permitting the player to move at their speed.


This is an enjoyable game for kids who have pretty recently learned the alphabet. In this game, colorful balloons with letters float upwards. The player needs to push the right key to pop the balloon.

Your kid can choose the levels as per their typing abilities. They can likewise choose which column of letters they need to play with first.

Cup Stacking

It is an actual typing game that is an extraordinary method for learning or building up the keys on the home row.

Beautiful cups appear on a picnic blanket, and they can be stacked or unstacked by typing the letters on the cups. You will likely complete the game with minimal measure of time conceivable.

Type for Your Life

Your life is in harm's way. You need to type the word on the screen to leap higher. As you type, you go progressively high. If you can't bounce before the screen moves up, you are dead. You get just three lives for this game.

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