How to Be Pro at The Cartoon Kids Puzzle Games Category?

The Kids Puzzle Games category is made explicitly for children. Cartoon Puzzle is one of the parts, in which kids can make puzzles of their favorite character, i.e., a landscape, elephant, or prince and princesses from their favorite cartoon movie. This Cartoon puzzle is the Kids Puzzle Games genre contains some mind-boggling pictures’ puzzle that your kids indeed find fun and exciting.

In this Cartoon Puzzle, you will find a landscape image at different puzzle pieces count that will get harder with each puzzle resolution. There are also some paid pictures that you can buy to create a puzzle out of it. Otherwise, you can play with freely available puzzle pieces.

This game contains the most excellent and beautiful pictures and cartoon character wallpapers to produce each puzzle. You can likewise pick the degree of trouble from a short 25 pieces to 100 pieces. Playing with cartoon puzzle kids to learn mouse control, it is an educational and good fun game. Moreover, kids need to utilize their critical thinking abilities, sensible reasoning, and a good portion of methodology to understand everything from a basic cartoon puzzle to a more perplexing puzzle count pieces.

So, Let Us See How to Master This Cartoon Kids Puzzle Games Genre?

Step 1: Once you click on the cartoon puzzle the following screen will show up with many different options available that are other puzzle pieces count starting from 25 to 100, next/previous button icon, soundtrack icon, various social media sites icons to share your score, stars and dollar icon or a camera icon.

How to play puzzle game cartoon puzzle

Step 2: And, if you click on the next button icon, you will see other various pictures to produce puzzles, but all will be paid, which can only be unlocked by collecting dollars or stars after playing and clearing the first picture puzzle.

How to play puzzle games

Step 3: Now, to start this game, you need to click on given below different puzzle pieces count, as shown in the screenshot.

How to play puzzle game

Step 4: Once you click on any puzzle count pieces, suppose you have clicked 25 pieces, then you will find the same given picture’s 25 pieces that are needed to solve to get the image shown in step 3. You can easily control the pictures’ puzzle pieces using the mouse only.

However, if you are not able to solve the picture, then you can click on the Home page icon to restart the game else click on solve to get a solved image.

How to play puzzle games

Step 5: Now, when you start joining the puzzle pieces together, then the correct pieces will stick permanently, whereas the wrong pieces can quickly be drawn out of the puzzle, as shown below in the screenshot.

Step 6: After you complete the puzzle, the given below screen will show up, and your complete image will show up.

How to play puzzle games

Step 7: And once you solve the puzzle and get the final image, then you will get stars as per the time taken by you alongside some dollars to buy in other pictures. Also, there will be a menu option to go back to the menu and select 49 pieces puzzle for earning more dollars or stars.

So, every time you play this cartoon puzzle with different pieces counts, you will earn dollars that will be added to your previous dollar count, and in the end, it will help you buy another new picture for puzzle gameplay. Thus, we suggest you to must give a shot this Kids Puzzle Games Genre and increase your kids’ brainpower now.

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