How to Play the Best Arcade Game "Robots vs. Aliens" Online?

Robots vs. Aliens is the Best Arcade Game, in which aliens are invading the robot base. And players need to construct defensive robots to battle this attack.

In this Best Arcade Game, you will plan your victory by strategically putting robots at the right time and spot. Alongside collecting the cash for each alien crushed and use them to make more robots.

It is an entirely new and relaxing, but no less challenging experience filled with great soundtrack alongside graphics. Match up with other fierce aliens and improve your playing skills to reach the next level.

So, Let Us See How to Play The Best Arcade Game "Robots vs. Aliens" Online?

Step 1: Once you open the Robots vs. Aliens game, then the given below screen will show up. Now you can choose your options from the play icon and setting icon. Which one do you want to go first? If you're going to play directly with checking the setting option, then click on play, or if you're going to check the setting option, then click on setting icon.

How to play Robots vs. Aliens Game step 1

Step 2: When you click on the setting icon, you will find the option to control the game's sound and music tracks. If you want to play the game with ON sound/music, then leave it and proceed with a play icon, and if you wish to OFF, then just click on the OFF icon, and you will get a chance to play at OFF sound/music track.

And after you click the OFF Sound/Music Effects, now click on the Home icon, and you will be redirected to the previous page shown in step 1.

How to Play Robots vs. Aliens step2

Step 3: After that, you have clicked the OFF Sound/Music Effects, now click on the play icon, and you will find a locked and unlocked levels as shown in the screenshot.

How to Play Robots vs. Aliens step3

Step 4: Once you click the first level and start your gameplay. You get to see the instructions that you need to read it via right-click on the mouse until directions stop to understand and start the game rightly.

How to Play Robots vs. Aliens step4

Step 5: After reading complete instructions, you can place your robots from the given below right corner options by using coins at the right time and the right spot to stop the aliens' invasions.

How to Play Robots vs. Aliens step5

Step 6: Once you clear the first level, then the following screen will show up. In which you will get the three options, i.e., replay, next, and home icons. Now, if you want to play the next level, then click on the next icon or vise versa.

How to Play Robots vs. Aliens step6

You can continue playing this Robots vs. Aliens Best Arcade Game the same as following the steps mentioned above and can unlock all the levels till you get succeed.

Main Features of This Best Arcade Robots vs. Aliens Game

  • The intuitive tutorial gave by C1-R1 bot
  • Open new robot innovation with every triumph
  • Intense alien rivals
  • Simple to learn, hard to ace

The fans of plant vs. zombies mainly love it; however, anyone can try it as it is fun to play and really a great way to spend your leisure or freshen up your mind.

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