How to Play the Free Online 3D Super Puffer Fish Game?

Super Puffer Fish is an HTML5 Free Online 3D Games genre, in which you as a Puffer Fish roll to save all his fish friends alongside collects seashells for a better score. In this free online 3D games Super Puffer Fish, you have to help Puffy save his companion and test your ability at the seashore 3D maze levels. Additionally, gather shells to the furthest limit of the maze and deliver that to the fish who are stuck on the air pocket. In this Super Puffer Fish adventure game, you have to gather as many seashells as possible under a time limit. You need to show your skills to pass hurdles that come in your way. It's a challenging journey since there will be numerous obstructions, and you need to find your way by yourself.

Besides, fish fugu from Super Puffer Fish Free Online 3D Games collection is very disheartened by the way that her closest companion is sitting in an air pocket and can not move. In this straightforward trap, it was planted by a malevolent sorcerer. Fish would release his companion, yet how to do it, she doesn't have any idea. Therefore, you need to help the character kick him toward the helpless individual, so the air pocket blasts when contacted with a fugue.

Let Us See How This Super Puffer Fish Free Online 3D Games Genre Looks?

Step 1: Once you click on the Super Puffer Fish Game Icon, then the given below screen will show up. In which, now you need to click on the Play Button icon to start the game further or, you can also click on the left corner side sound icon to first ON/OFF that soundtrack before its play.

Free Online 3D Super Puffer Fish Game

Step 2: After you click on the Play icon, now you will see the instructions before it starts. So please read them carefully and click the play icon again.

 Free Online 3D Super Puffer Fish Game

Step 3: Now, after reading the instruction, when you click on the Play icon, you will get a list of locked and unlocked levels that will get unlocked after you clear the first level. Therefore start playing the first level by clicking on it.

Free Online 3D Super Puffer Fish Game

Step 4: Once you click on the first level, it will start loading, and the given below screen will show up. Now you just need to control the fish using Arrow Keys and roll it towards his friend alongside collecting seashells.

Free Online 3D Super Puffer Fish Game

Step 5: Now that you have collected all the seashells and released your friend, then the following screen will show up.

Free Online 3D Super Puffer Fish Game

Therefore, you just need to follow all these six steps again and again till you reach the end line and complete all the challenges. So, Be a part of this Free Online 3D Games genre of the animal kingdom and role as pufferfish. And don't let your friend wait too long as this what a real friend will do for their friends, help them in need. Have fun and start playing it now as time is ticking.

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