How to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games Genre?

Toon Cup 2016 is a fun sports football games genre in which players need to pick their country and their favorite cartoon characters to start playing a match like other ball games for kids. Players can join their preferred Cartoon Network stars in this definitive soccer Sports Football Games category! Toon Cup 2016 highlights Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, and the cast of Adventure Time. Before beginning a match or competition, you should pick a captain and two crew members. Each animation player has specific powers and stats.

The Toon cup 2016 is a levelless and staffed Sports Football Games class. First of all, you pick the country you need. At that point, you choose the captain and the players. At that point, you press the arrow on the right side to see and play the matches. You move with the down, up, right, and left arrows. With "Z," you are playing both starting from the ground and the beginning. You additionally shoot with "X."

After beginning the adventure, you need to pick between two modes Quickplay and Tournament! If you need to rehearse your skills, then select Quickplay! From that point forward, when you feel arranged to take on various groups, play the Tournament mode, and defeat the others!

Additionally, make sure to search for extra things! Things, for example, blue presents will make your characters move quicker over the field! In any case, avoid banana strips, as they make your characters stagger and fall!

You have to give close consideration to how every match advances if you want to win! Pick the best players, and have your team rout all of your rivals!

Let Us See the Steps to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games Genre

Step 1: Once you click on the toon cup 2016 game icon, it will take some time to load, as shown in the below screenshot.

How to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games step1

Step 2: As soon as the game will load, you will get three options, from which two of them are modes, i.e., Quick Play and The Tournament, or the third one is the Leaderboard that will show your scores after you complete the match.

How to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games step2

Step 3: Thus, if you are new to this game, we suggest you start with the Quick Play Mode to learn skills and basics. And as you click on any mode, you will get flags of the different countries, from which you need to select your favorite flag.

How to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games step3

Step 4: Now, after selecting your favorite country, you need to pick your captain and your teammates to start the game further.

How to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games step4

Step 5: Once you have your team ready, just click on the right corner cartoon network logo to reach this shown below instructions page. You can read the instructions part and understand the game better.

How to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games step5

Step 6: Now again, click on the right corner cartoon network logo, and you will get redirected to gameplay, in which you need to control the captain and other teammates using arrow keys and X or Z to score a goal.

How to Play Toon Cup 2016 Sports Football Games step6

These are steps by which you can win any match, and after playing the Quick Play mode, you can try out the Tournament mode as well. So, go ahead and try out this Sports Football Games genre now.

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