The 10 Best Lightweight Games to Play on a Crappy PC

We frequently discuss the best-in-class graphics cards and playing Lightweight Games for PC at the highest settings, yet there are times when that is impossible. Anything the reason might be, in the circumstances such as these, it's ideal to have some good times Lightweight Games for Android that won't melt our processors.

PC gaming has gained popularity for requiring a costly machine stacked with the most recent equipment. You can unquestionably go down that route; however, there are a lot of extraordinary Lightweight Games worth looking at that you can play on almost any machine.

There are incalculable classic Best Lightweight Board Games you can still play on your PC, yet we're not addressing that here. Instead, we're focusing on more up to date Best Lightweight Games for PC that don't need husky equipment.

Lightweight Board Games

Here Are The 10 Best Lightweight Games for PC

Old School Runescape

This oldie hails from the period when the present low-end PCs were hot stuff. It has been around for a long time, and there's most certainly a reason behind why. This MMO hails from the days when internet games didn't necessarily direct you down a cleared way of journeys and levelling opportunities. The Old School version of Runescape returns you to the beginning of its internet-based world. You might battle to begin in this one without the wiki handy; however, basically, it won't put your PC to the test.

Into The Breach

From the producers of FTL comes a turn-based game that you can consider kaiju chess. Profoundly habit-forming yet fierce, Into the Breach requests that players shield urban areas from underground aliens. Frequently, matches come down to the number you're willing to forfeit to survive one more day. Randomized power-ups, optional difficulties, and unlockable mechs make Into The Breach incredibly replayable, as well.


It is a 2D platformer with profound creating mechanics, RPG-style character-building and loot-collecting, and a robust multiplayer mode. Of course, that could seem like a 2D Minecraft clone, yet the gameplay encounters are vastly different. Terraria is more centred on exploring the procedurally produced caves, prisons, and secretive remains running underground.

Darkest Dungeon

It is a turn-based RPG in a dark dream setting that will fasten you to the monitor for long hours;some of our colleagues spent 90 hours there! Game devs have given players a broad team management framework. Yet, what is genuinely recognized crafted by Red Hook Studios from other RPGs is, among other things, the way that the characters need to confront beasts as well as their feelings of trepidation and fears.

M.A.X. Payne

Brilliant background music, one of the best stories, and the graphics were unmatched when the game was delivered in 2001. The game had numerous firsts; the bullets decals and shadows were profoundly detailed for the generations. The game was a massive hit among the Gamers community back then. It was inundating to such an extent that Gamers didn't sleep before finishing the game.


It is a comedic puzzle platformer that can be played single-player or multiplayer. The game features a story mode, fields and a level manufacturer. It has an animation like art style and an entertaining portrayal and flaunts north of 450 levels altogether, making for many fun gameplay.

Hollow Knight

We are managing one of the most incredible Metroidvania of recent years here. Empty Knight will interest all fans of platformers and the Dark Souls series. Boss battles and map exploration brimming with puzzling universes were particularly hypnotizing; also that this is a delightful game with an exquisite visual design which won't set your fight station ablaze.


It is a 2D planet exploration game where you make your good times. Perhaps you might want to build the most intricate fortification. Maybe you need to meet extraterrestrial societies and uncover their secrets. Maybe you need to plunge for fortune and battle fierce adversaries. Or, on the other hand, perhaps you need to gather a good team for your spaceship. Starbound allows you to play from various races or partake in the game with a companion. Furthermore, there are a lot of mods to download.

To the Moon

It is an adventure RPG with pixel designs and a mind-boggling story. It recounts a wistful tale in which two specialists travel in reverse through a dying man's recollections to satisfy his last desire falsely. The game addresses the scope of troublesome subjects like death, loss and managing life with formative handicaps however does such in a genuine and informed way while figuring out how to incorporate a pleasant hint of silliness.

Devil Daggers

It's you against an unending satanic swarm in the arcade shooter Devil Daggers. Harkening back to classic FPS shooters, Devil Daggers is a no-frills game about shootin' really great and movin' fast. Perceive how long you can endure, try to beat your score, and don't get panicked by the creatures that hide in obscurity.

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