Top 10 Best STORY BASED Games for Android in 2021

Best Story Games on PC ordinarily furnish their shoppers with fun and easy to learn games. These Best STORY BASED Games for Android in 2021 don't generally need a lot of exertion from the user and can be stopped and picked upany game.

People usually play Best Storyline Games on PC when they are traveling or waiting. Thus, one would not generally associate mobile gaming with a rich storyline. However, with Best Story Driven Games on PC getting increasingly intricate, games are retaining users for gameplay and the story. Here is a Best Story Games PC All Times that would keep you staying for the story.

Check Out the Top 10 Best Story Games on PC & other Devices in 2021

Folded Story

This lively storytelling game is best played with a group since it's an add-on story. One person beginnings the game by composing a couple of sentences of a story. That person overlays the paper, so just the last line of writing can be seen and passed to the next person. That person peruses the sentence and adds to the story with their thoughts, collapsing the paper again. This proceeds until the last person in the group composes a closure. Unfurl, read, and plan to laugh. These stories ordinarily end up being wacky — and huge loads of fun.

Désiré Chapter I

Desire is a captivating game and the first part of this fascinating arrangement. The game takes a click and point style component, and you should travel through the story with different characters. It is an emotional story, and you will wind up enveloped with the situation that unfolds.

Tom Rider Anniversary

It is an excellent and high-positioning game. You have probably seen all the rounds of Tom Rider, which is so famous. This game is likewise Story Best Game. In this game, you will see the best story. In the game, you need to play the personality of a young lady. Also, you need to venture out in front of the game while battling enemies in the game. Best RPG game you will see. You need to continue by doing various kinds of puzzle solves.


It is styled in neo-noir fashion, and it's a sniper shooter game.  This story-driven game spins around an expert rifleman professional killer and takes you through thirty missions that gradually unfurl more about the hero. This game isn't excessively story-driven and has extraordinary battle mechanics, particularly utilizing sniper rifles, and has more than 20 weapons to unlock. Lonewolf is a novel title with a vivid story that has been made delightfully, remembering its neo-noir art style.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

This game must be quite possibly the most complex, stylish, and fun games I've run over. SP&P is more a window into a different universe as it is a game. The games follow the account of a Scythian hero search for mysterious power hidden somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains and depend on mystical music and eye-catching pixel graphics to assist you with exploring the riddles. The game shouts creativity as there could be no other game very like it, and it has an astounding soundtrack!

Beyond Eden

It is an adventure story-based game in which you control a character that necessities to manage different decisions on his journey to a perfect world.

The Wolf Among Us

Bill Willingham's long-running Fables series was ostensibly the best comic book at any point composed. The fundamental reason: Characters from fantasies, old stories, and folklore are mostly real, and a great lot of them have been living in a remote territory in Manhattan. Playing as Sheriff Bigby Wolf, you should explore a progression of frightful homicides while trying to keep the cover on Fabletown's secret presence. Similarly, as peculiar and capricious as the comic that enlivened it, The Wolf Among Us is an adventure game that will keep you speculating until the end.

Calming Lia

It is a fantastic match-3 game with magnificent illustrations. The play recounts a tale about Lia and her teddy bear, Bao. You need to cooperate to save the fantasy by finishing different destinations and beating the shadowy beasts. Try to clear all the levels impeccably and let Lia have a safe dream.


It is a charming story game in which you play specialist Zamenhof who is set to save his sick fiancé Elena. In this point-and-click game, find puzzling and collaborate with objects to keep your darling Elena from her dangerous affliction.

Life is Strange

Life is strange, which is an incredible game. In this game, you will see a remarkable story. In the game, you need to find your sister. Individuals are finding the account of this HTML 5 game exceptionally astounding. In the game, you need to play the personality of a young lady, which is a young lady that needs to solve a wide range of riddles in the game. And, you need to go further in the game. This is a great riddle game.

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