Top 10 Best Wrestling Games for Android – 2021

Wrestling Games has gone up and down in popularity over the long term. Entertainment industries like the WWE and organisations like UFC are the foundations. There are likewise fanatics of things like Olympic Wrestling Video Games. The lamentable truth is there aren't many good Best Wrestling Games on mobile. The mechanics are complex to get right, particularly on a touch screen, and with all of the moves, it's simply an overwhelming task for a developer. The vast majority of your choices are arcade PC Wrestling Games with some contrivance to make things fun. Still, there are some excellent choices to try.

Wrestling Fighting Games depend on the real situations of Wrestling Games for Free. In this kind of play, we need to choose our number one warrior or wrestler to overcome our opponents.

Stickman Wrestling Games for Android are loaded with delight and fun. Girls Wrestling Games additionally give various levels of trouble. We need to discover our players' best moves and tackle our adversaries.

Here Are the Best Wrestling Games for Android!

Stickman Wrestling Games

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Let's beginning with Wrestling Revolution 3D. Presumably, it is the most well-known WWE game in the town. However, if you love to play the hardcore WWE game, there's no question then this cutthroat fighting game will be the ideal decision for you.

World Tag Team Wrestling Revolution

Here is another best free WWE game for Android that you can try, which having new fighting styles and moves which is a combination of wrestler and boxing champions; all the more critically, Here the Game accompanies various modes to play like balanced, knockout, and much more.

Modern Mania Wrestling

It is another well-known wrestling match-up accessible for android and iOS clients. It is created by checkmate creative LLC, which is accessible for free and an application to buy alternatives. Many astounding characters fully explore in this game which assists you to play with online and offline mode handily. Each character in this game is unique, permitting you to earn game money while playing this game.

WWE All Stars PSP

WWE All-Stars is one more game created in arcade-style wrestling gameplay alongside 3D animation and wrestlers not resembling their genuine selves. Yet, it's addictive to play. This game consolidates both wrestling and fighting games, with combos playing a significant factor in gameplay, both on the ground and mid-air.

WWE Mahem

WWE mahem is one of the most well-known WWE on mobile. This game has been around for quite a while. The game is nice to play; it has all the heights required for a genuine WWE fan to get everything rolling. The size of this game is around 1 GB in length and is accessible free to play on your mobile.

WWE 2K18

It denoted a visual step up from its archetype. It brought back a few since long ago mentioned game modes from the past passages absent for a couple of years. Likewise, the game brought about the Backstage Brawl mode. Here, players can take their wrestlers behind the stage, battle with many accessible weapons, and even utilize the climate to acquire a benefit.

WWE Immortal

WWE immortals are a mind-blowing Android WWE Game that is accessible on the Google play store for free. It is a mix of WWE with supernatural powers.

We need to choose our best player and discover its capacity to overcome our opponents. It has incredible illustrations that give a sensation of genuine battling.

It additionally offers an online multiplayer mode to rival our rivals. Approximately 10 million users downloaded this game.

WWE Racing Showdown

It is action racing with WWE geniuses. JetSynthesys Inc presents this Action game. This is the WWE superstars racing confrontation. You can pick your number one Superstar and run valiantly to master your adversary. You can Perform WWE signature moves while you smackdown your foes on bikes.

The game offers very habit-forming tracks, stunning WWE Super tricks, improved graphics, smooth controls, quick gameplay, custom bikes, use ladders and briefcases on the courses to overcome your adversaries.

This isn't a Wrestling game; however, this is an action-packed WWE Racing game. Race, fight, redesign and contend.


This is the most recent version, and with its amazing graphics and phenomenal gameplay, it's remembered for this rundown. WWE 2k22 PSP is among the best wrestling PPSSPP games for Android since it's habit-forming to play with all the dreams of an ideal wrestling match-up.

Shoot Pro Wrestling Game

It is incredible in all Wrestling Games for Android users. This game empowers us to make our own Wrestling Federation and take players under our organization.

We can undoubtedly enlist the most skilled wrestler and build their fame as they battle. We can pick various settings, set tickets price, and procure more to enlist new players.

This game gives likes wrestling matches, which likewise incorporate multiplayer and tag games.

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