Top 10 Scary Games You Should Never Play Alone

Scary Games may not be as famous or as ordinary as other genres of games, such as open-world RPGs and first-person shooters, yet they most certainly have their fan base of courageous spirits. There have been some tremendous scary game releases over the past recent years, going from the dreadful and alarming to the straight-up awful.

So, if you're here, you either love scary stuff, or your tween will host a Halloween party and wants Scary Games to Play. I raked the internet to track down Where Can I Play Scary Games? and excellent alternatives for haunted, Scary Video Games. But What Makes Horror Games Scary? This collection is a blend of classic slumber party scares and sensational old stories connected conjuring. As an adult, you likely know that the more you have faith in the game, the scarier it is to play. These are the most over-the-top PS4 Scary Games that simply aren't fitting to play alone at three-in-the-morning when you're exhausted. Save these Free Scary Games for when you have the company or when there's light gushing in.

Check Out the Top 10 Scary Games to Play Online You Should Never Play Alone

Free Scary Games

Resident Evil 2: The Remake

The 1998 game Resident Evil 2 was revamped for the current year and has gotten a lot of recognition for remaining so dedicated to the first yet adequately refreshed to feel like an advanced game. It's not exactly as upsetting as a portion of the abovementioned, so you might need to endeavor this all alone; however, it's still not a Disney game for youngsters. Be cautioned.

Silent Hill 2

It might just contain one of the best Scary Multiplayer Games in gaming history. You can play every horror game out there without being terrified, then play Silent Hill 2 and feel something unlike anything you've encountered. By all accounts, Silent Hill 2 feels like Resident Evil in numerous ways, yet on a fundamental level, the game makes you work for the ending. Maybe than allowing players the opportunity to mosey around and do whatever they please, Silent Hill 2 is made to convey a genre-characterizing horror experience.


This probably won't appear to be an undeniable Scary Games on Steam; however, there's a solid vein of inestimable repulsiveness going through all that Returnal does. This time circling roguelike is covered with Lovecraftian alien ruins, wrong-molded beasts, and a fear that comes from attempting not to die every 10 minutes.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Five Nights at Freddy's four but is undoubtedly the scariest in the series. Changing from a security office setting to a kid's room quickly elevates the tension and dread, setting off recollections for individuals who were once scared of the dark or apprehensive that a beast was in their storeroom or under the bed.

Lone Survivor

A 2D side-scroller set in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world, Lone Survivor, is seemingly the terrifying pixel art game you'll ever play. After a sickness has transformed the more significant part of the populace into ruthless beasts, the anonymous hero should look for provisions to stay alive all alone. The hero gets back to lying down with the aid of blue or green pills. The pills give him various dreams and can assist with changing the result of the game's multiple endings.

Until Dawn

If you have a PS4 gadget, you need to look at Until Dawn, a survival game that begins with a premise of eight young people caught on a mountain for an evening. The goal is to wrap up with as many players alive as would be possible. Well, that is some challenge.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is another title that we believe merits is putting something aside for the light hours. It has a generally excellent story and a decent playthrough, yet it's pretty ghostly as you try to outlast the creatures from different dimensions.

Alien: Isolation

It is known as an exceptionally baffling game due to the high level of difficulty that even the most accessible mode gives you. Based on the films, it's an action-adventure game that depends on outfoxing the alien-hunting you. There are other bad guys, like androids, yet the alien will be the real challenge to beat, and the gameplay requires a lot of stealth. Like, a ton. This alien is excessively acceptable at chasing you down.


It was only a playable teaser of one more Silent Hill game that was booked to release. The game but isn't coming out; however, the playable mystery remains as one of the most frightening playthroughs we've encountered up until now.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Returning to survival horror carries us to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The game's principal character is a man considered Daniel investigating a palace and needs to stay away from beasts and different things. Similar to Outlast, he can't retaliate — his goal is to endure and to hold his madness down. Experience too many alarming sights or even stay in the darkness too long, and Daniel's craziness meter will spike, which is actually what you need to avoid.

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