Top 5 Best Strategy Games for Linux to Enjoy Tactical Gameplay

When it's about the best gaming genres, Strategy Games for Linux come first. In most strategy games, you need to utilize your tactical skill with the fighting experience. So, it is the all-time loved class of most players. Today, we will discuss the best Free Strategy Games for Linux users. For the most part, Linux is viewed as the best alternative PC gaming platform to Windows. So, there are lots of elements rich strategy games available for Linux.

Free Strategy Games for Linux and the PC are made for one another — the class takes up many slots on our rundown of the best PC games. With the accuracy of a mouse and the force of a sound graphics card, the profundity and intricacy inborn to their design can be fully fleshed out into massive, expansive worlds that offer handfuls, even hundreds of hours of entertainment.

The best part is that many of our favourite titles are free-to-play TurnBased Strategy Games for Linux, allowing you to choose to pay for extensions or content beyond the base game. You can evaluate any of our top picks for yourself without stressing our varying preferences will trick you into spending money on a game that isn't for you.

These are a couple of our favourite Strategy Games for Linux Ubuntu that you can play for free on the PC today. We include promising Early Access titles, strategy titles beyond the usual war strategy games, etc.

Today we explore the best Grand Strategy Games Linux ever released for Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 21.10, and Ubuntu 22.04. The only thing that we need to help you is that all to remember these games will expect you to introduce STEAM which will empower you to download the referenced games; trust me, it's worth the effort; try it before you knock it!

Does Ubuntu Have Fun Strategy Games?

The answer is yes; you probably won't trust us but again, kindly remember that we are in 2022! During the beyond ten years, we have had a massive load of new game designers work on Linux/Ubuntu compatible games. Things have changed now because of Valve's Steam! We can now play probably the most famous and new Strategy Games for Linux Ubuntu OS easily, take a look at our rundown of the best strategy games beneath, download the game and enjoy them.

Here Check Out the Top 5 Best Strategy Games for Linux to Enjoy Tactical Gameplay

Rocket League

It is our favourite game on Linux because of two reasons. It's accessible locally, like CS: GO and DOTA 2, so fantastic gaming performance. And second is its physics-driven way of dealing with the game. It's essentially a soccer match, yet you should play with cars. There are additional modes to play hockey and basketball with your vehicle. Overall, Rocket League is action-packed, and you should play this game on your Linux machine.

Tanks of Freedom

In this indie strategy game, you take command over a fighting tank to battle against different players or a PC. It's a turn-based strategy game. You want to shield your region while defeating your enemy tanks.

It offers pretty realistic 2D pixel-art graphics. Try not to allow the pictures to fool you from partaking in the game!

Master of Orion

Here is added strategy game that you can play on your Linux framework consistently. It's Master of Orion, and this game was first delivered in February 2016 by Wargaming Labs. This thrilling strategy game offers jaw-dropping visual works and a calming soundtrack.

If you are into strategy games, look at this game. Prepare to explore incalculable universes and stand up to antagonistic and friendly alien races. You will uncover the consistently new secrets of the game universe as you progress.

Dungeons 2

In Dungeons 2, satisfy the Dungeon Lord's voracious mission for retaliation by enlisting fearsome new beasts from all edges of the hidden world to embrace his detestable offering. Taking over the secret world isn't sufficient, however - this time. The Dungeon Lord will expand his territory over the diminutive people and endeavour to overcome the overworld!


A novel internet-based RTS, Interloper, requires only five minutes to play a game, empowering you to maintain the deep focus expected for a technique game practically casual.

This traditional, territory-based experience challenges you to re-think your rival's moments. At last, you should ultimately claim the entire map. It could sound straightforward; however, as a matter of fact, Interloper is an intense game to win.


The above mentioned five strategy games for Linux are loaded with energy, and your strategic ability is the best necessity here. This multitude of games is currently accessible on Steam. You can also install these games from their official destinations. Eventually, most of them offer multiplayer modes so that you can partake in the strategy games with your companions.


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