Top 5 Must Play Floating Ball Shooting Game on Android

For the gamers, who loves to hunt down online challengers and knock them with perfect shots, Shooting Games can be the best option for them. Shooting Games are always considered the most engaging and exciting games in the history of the gaming genre. Competitive & professionally played the first-person and third-person shooter games are rapidly evolved and have become a sustainable gaming trend for Androids. And both mobile phone hardware and gaming development have reached the point where both are delivering top-notch gaming experience.

Shooting Games for Androids have different types starting from the old-school top-down shooters that notice back to the brilliant period of arcade gaming, to profoundly serious multiplayer shooters that set players in opposition to one another for strength. Also, the shooters, regardless of whether the third person or first person, is hugely famous. They're likewise actually the best they've at any point been on Android.

Any gamers can disclose to you that shooting is the most well-known kind for a very long time. Since the time the hour of Quak, Doom, and Counterstrike, shooting games have always ruled the gaming chart. Thus, it isn't so surprising that shoot games are as well famous among Android users.

Moreover, nowadays gamer can have so many shooting games options available in the play store, which created confusion in choosing the right one. Therefore, if you are also one of those fans who are crazy about 3d bottle shooting games and unable to pick the right option then don’t feel disappointed. As we are here with the hand-picked list of most popular Space Shooting Games available on your Andriod’s play store.

Here is the list of Top 5 Popular Shooting Games on Android

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG abbreviated as PlayerUnkown’s Battle Ground is the most famous FPS shooter game is developed & published by PUBG Corporation, a secondary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The PUBG Mobile and Mobile lite is the most downloadable game that has 400 million users worldwide, setting up daily new world records.

The spirit of this game lie around the 100 players drops on to map without weapons and supplies. Every player must find the weapons and supplies for themselves by doing loot nearby buildings. After having all equipment, now the player is ready to play and has all freedom to play by his/her rules. Therefore, considering its popularity, the developer has launched the PUBG Mobile Lite version, which is easily compatible with various mobile devices without compromising the gameplay quality.

PUBG Mobile Lite-Shooting Games on Android

N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A is also the most played 3D Sci-fi Andriod game in which players had to do so much shooting. Alongside its story mode, N.O.V.A offers online and offline multiplayer deathmatch, shadow mission, and much more.

shooting game N.O.V.A Legacy

Shadowgun Deadzone

Shadowgun Deadzone is also topping the list in terms of bringing the experience of playing games on a console right in your Android device. It is a free FPS 12 player gun game, in which you can jump over the barriers, toss grenades and crouch around the walls while shooting off your online enemies. This game has two modes to pick from- Zone Control and Deathmatch alongside 10 playable characters with numbers of maps.

shooting game Shadowgun Deadzone

Call of Duty: Strike Team

The master of all shooting games “Call of Duty”, is now also available for Android users. COD: Strike Team lets you choose between the third-person and first-person perspective and offer both multiplayer and single-player modes on your Android devices.shooting io games is also popular in the categories shooting game.

Shooting game Call of Duty: Strike Team

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is the modern Zombie shooting game which includes killing Zombies in Zombie Apocalypse. This series was so popular that its creator has decided to roll out its upgraded Android version called Dead Trigger 2. This game really has better graphics and gameplay that is far more addictive than its predecessor.

Shooting game Dead Trigger 2

So, this is the list of some top 5 Shooting games so far, that are gaining more popularity due to its lesser MB gameplay on Androids. And do let us know in the below comment if we missed any of your favorite shooting games.

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