How to unlock the weapon KN-44 in the free shooting game “COD”

A new weapon is coming to the free shooting game unblocked Call of Duty Mobile and the good news is that it can be unlocked for free! Indeed, you will be able to acquire the KN-44, and others will reward cosmetics by taking part in the Mighty Shot challenges.

Free shooting game Call of duty mobile

The principle of these challenges is quite simple, each challenge granted earns you points. These points are advance a progress bar which will allow you to unlock the rewards. Thus, at 20 points you will unlock a credit union, at 40, a skin for the SMRS, at 70 the KN-44 and at 100 the Prophet - Viewfinder skin.

How to get point in free shooting game call of duty


Play 10/30 Front Line games in the shooting game unblock  “COD” (8/12 points)

Let's start with a series of very simple challenges and get you a total of 20 points, which is a big step forward in the development of the challenge. To earn these points, all you have to do is ranked in the top third.
Eliminate 10 enemies with a Front Line drone in the shooting game unblocked“COD” (10 points)

This second challenge has the advantage of also taking place in front line mode.You can kill two birds with one stone and pocket tons of points. To be successful, you will have to eliminate at least 10 enemies using your combat drone.

Play 10/30 team deathmatch  in the shooting game unblocked “COD”(8/12 points)

Here is another fairly easy challenge that will just take you time and that you shouldn't have a hard time complet it. In addition, this will give you 20 points again which will bring you much closer to the KN-44.Kill 15 enemies with the hawk in a team death match (10 points)
This challenge has a prerequisite, that of having in its possession the sparrowhawk which is a bow. Once you have it, kill 15 enemies with it to gain 10 points. If you don't have it, don't panic, you can still finish the challenge progress bar.

Play 10/30 games of Domination  in the free shooting game “COD”(8/12 points)

For the third time, we are faced with a challenge asking us to play games in a game mode against 20 points. This time, you will have to play 10 and then 30 Domination games to grab these precious points.

Occupy the Domination field 15 times in the free shooting game “COD” (10 points)

While you are doing your 10 then 30 Domination games you can do this challenge which requires you to occupy the field 15 times in Domination. As a reward, you will receive 10 new points to add to the previous ones.

Complete MVP 5 times in multiplayer  in the free shooting game “COD” (10 points)

This is surely one of the most difficult challenges which is proposed to you in this list. Not only will you have to win the game in multiplayer mode, but you will also have to be elected MVP, and after this 5 times to win the 10 points associated with this challenge.

Play 5/15 multiplayer games with friends  in the free shooting game “COD”(10/10 points)

We are here facing the last challenge giving you points for having played a particular game mode.
This time, you will have to play 5 then 15 games in multiplayer mode. In total, if you do all of these challenges, you will earn 80 points, enough to unlock the KN-44.

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