Christmas Panda Run

Christmas is coming, the panda has started his parkour journey. In the game, the player controls the panda to launch a cannonball to eliminate the danger and obtain gold coins and various props. Run all the way through the long night of Christmas!

How to Play Christmas Panda Run

Tap ⬆ to jump up,

Tap the button on the bottom right corner, to launch the cannonball,

Collect the coins on the way


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Play the free online games at Christmas Panda Run is a beautiful adventure, a clever panda is going to start this journey. Click the "Play" button, you would see a charming and vivid snow-covered landscape. Along with the journey, you would see the more beautiful natural landscapes. However, this journey has kinds of adventures. Maybe a monster, maybe a bird, or other obstacles would be a deadly threat. So be careful and help this clever panda to go as far as possible. We do believe you would love this journey!
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