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Well, Can you conquer one of the hottest crazy games of HTML5 Games-Mini Race Rush? Why this game is defined as a crazy game? For instance, in most of the race games, they ask the players to avoid other transportation on the way, which is certainly the key point to get higher scores.  However, for the Mini Race Rush, the mini-cars collide back and forth in the shrinking world. Players only have 60 seconds to collect enough gold stars to move to the following levels. So the players have to control the car to get more stars. Be careful, try not to hit other cars. Players would lose one coin once their car hits another car. There are many threats cause there is not only one car chasing your Mini and their speed is not slow. But don't worry, players can collect some protective equipment to protect their cars from chasing or hitting. They would help the players to collect more stars.  Such an exciting game,  come and play it. If you think life is dull and lacks exciting moments, then crazy games will save your passion. Whether you are an adult or not, you would enjoy the fun here. Games4HTML5 has already been an excellent platform for HTML5 Games Unblocked, without downloading or registering, totally free. All the games on this platform are available for any device. You can pick up your phone, tablet, or computer to enter the game world wherever you want!

How to Play Mini Race Rush

Control the Mini car,

Tap the screen to guide the car.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

As a game enthusiast, I have to say Mini Race Rush is difficult to level up, although It seems easy. According to my experience, it is difficult to control my car to avoid crashes with other cars or obstacles. When my car is controlled to escape from this obstacle, then another obstacle or car occurs. The space is full of crushes. And these crashes will cause a score losing. What will you do at this game? Crazy games need crazy ideas and reflexes. If you can avoid these crashes quickly, then you will be the king of this small crazy world. We are expecting your amazing performance.
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