Rolling Ball Games Online Play

The ball rolls on the blackboard, the player's goal is to roll the ball to the specified position, and get Samsung's reward, many levels are waiting for you, roll the ball together!

Trending Ball Rolling 3 Game

Ball Rolling 3 is a score game that will get you hooked. Your goal is to draw different shapes (rectangle, triangle, circle, etc.) in order to draw a path for your balloon. Once your path is prepared, all you have to do is get your ball rolling. If he manages to collect the stars and end up in the glass, then the game is won and you can go to the next level. Otherwise, this strategy game will force you to start the level again until you find the solution. With this super simple yet super addicting ball game, you will spend hours drawing shapes to find the perfect path for your ball. Tip: Sometimes the solution is easier than you think.

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