The adventure of the little pumpkin, the player's task is to control the pumpkin to avoid all kinds of obstacles and dangers, get the blood package reward, the longer you survive, the higher the score will be!

The hero looks almost no like Chipolino, whom we know because of fantasies. Rather than his head, he has a pumpkin, and rather than his body - a skeleton. He strolls through a dull backwoods, where he is waiting for an extremely remorseless difficulty. Chipolino Another Day itself is hugely desolate, so it is very much recommended Online Free Games for elders.

This is one of the intriguing adventure Games for Kids. Chipollino is a running-bouncing fun game. Tray to dodge all the snares on your way by run over the obstructions, and if you get injured, pickup blood to fix yourself and make your run longer than others.
Utilize the arrow key and mouse to play the game or tap on the screen. Try to stay away from all the entanglements, obstructions on your street, and try to make your run time longer to score high.

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