The Spear Stickman

The Spear Stickman is a free Shooting Games Unblocked. Controlling a hockey player holding a spear, the only goal is to try to shoot down the enemy to gain the right to survive. Players need to aim at shooting enemies. The headshot is a hit. It takes a few arrows to shoot other parts of the body to kill the enemy, so it's best to aim at the deadly part accurately. When you kill more enemies, you will get gold coins, which can be used for store purchase upgrades, metal helmets, etc! Come on guys, fight and survive together!

How to Play the Spear Stickman

Pull the stickman backward, shoot in the upper right direction,

Pull the stickman forward, shoot in the lower right direction,

The head is the deadly part,

If aiming at the other part except for the head, keep shooting several arrows until the enemy dies.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

The Spear Stickman Game is a fun and relentless Free Shooting Game Unblocked Download of spear-throwing battles. Kids can control a stickman furnished uniquely with a spear - they should shoot the other stickmen who show up aimlessly on various stages and endeavor to kill the players. Utilizing the mouse, gamers should modify the edge of their shot and point rapidly to bring down the adversary! Like most of the other HTML games, they are light casual games, without downloading or registering. So players can play The Spear Stickman everywhere and on every device like PC, mobile, and tablet.
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