Catch The Candy Game Online Play

In this world of jelly and candy, the only thing that can be done is to help the jelly monster get candy. But getting candy is not that simple! Players need to use their brains to send candy to the jelly monster and get Samsung's reward!

In this Catch the Candy game, get ready to leave on a sweet adventure! Everybody loves candy, yet some go crazy for it. Take responsibility for a soft character with a primary sweet tooth and help him reach his favorite treat through various levels.

Candies are probably the best treats! They have such countless flavors and are very scrumptious! Your target in this game is to gather candies like this for your character. You can play the game with your mouse. On each level, you'll see a red and white-color candy out of your span. To pass a class, you should gather it. Your character may need arms, yet he additionally bunches of stunts under his sleeve. Click and hang on the screen to extend your arm to stick to surfaces and hold yourself to the candy. Each level features puzzles, so you should discover your way around the impediments to reach the sweet.

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