The 8 Best GameCube Games of All Time

The GameCube Games have moved beyond its place as a fascinating yet old Nintendo console to finding new love thanks to wistful nostalgia. It's authoritatively a retro system, and Nintendo's first introduction to disc-based gaming brought us the absolute Best GameCube Games ever made, including the Metroid Prime series.

Best GameCube Games of All Time

With the GameCube simply turning the old age of 20, there will never be an ideal time to get nostalgic regarding the Top GameCube Games. Nintendo's idiosyncratic and much-loved fourth home console had some crushing titles, which have stood out forever as a portion of Nintendo's most unique and eclectic Free GameCube Games.

We live in the hope that Nintendo might bring its classic GameCube Games Online to Switch via a new form of Virtual Console – as was rumored back in 2016, with Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Smash Bros. Scuffle all detailed as being in testing – however until further notice, we can console ourselves with the capability to Play GameCube Games Online utilizing a GameCube controller.

GameCube might not have had the most Sonic GameCube Games; however, it was rarely ailing in quality, playing host to some best sections in the Zelda, Metroid, and Resident Evil franchises while likewise bringing a variety of mind-blowing, unique content. It's an ideal opportunity to get weird, as we commend the 8 Top GameCube Games made.

Check Out The 8 Best GameCube Games of All Time

Mario Smash Football

Demonstrating that there's little that the portly plumber can't turn his hand to, Next Level Games' Mario Smash Football offered intense soccer action in a colorful package with Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants lighting up the excellent game and adding a little style and excitement to proceedings- no nothing draws here! The polar opposite of the simulation-style that 'appropriate' football match-ups were going for, this is a speedy five-a-side frenzy that did all-around well enough to get a comparably fulfilling continuation on Wii.

Metroid Prime

Samus returns in a new mission to disentangle the secret behind the destroyed walls dissipated across Tallon IV. In Metroid Prime, you'll play the part of this bounty hunter and view the world through her visor, which shows data going from current energy levels to ammunition. Outfitted with a Power Beam and Gravity Suit, you should shoot locked switches, tackle confuses, and eliminate enemies. It's dependent upon you to explore the world and recover more power-ups and weapons, which slowly open more gameplay regions.

Battalion Wars

Battalion Wars blended adorable characters and strategic battles to combine real-time strategy and third-person shooting, developing the interactivity found in Advance action adventure game Wars on the handheld. Players could handle single or groups of units and train the AI with essential orders. These units featured fighters and different vehicles, and the strategic battle, although focused on a younger crowd, was shockingly profound.

Pikmin 2

The debut Pikmin game didn't establish a marvelous first connection, as its beloved cast of adorable critters was shackled by bizarre gameplay choices and an irritating time limit. Pikmin 2 then again broke free from those limitations and developed its thoughts, making an undertaking that was creative, charming, and shrewdly added new elements to its recipe. New Pikmin entered the scene, an extra captain was fit for directing the supportive locals, and each level was an intelligent step forward that could be tackled in various ways.


The GameCube variant of this masterpiece shooter will cost you dearly nowadays. With the Switch version of Ikaruga offering additional advantages like portability and the capacity to bend your Switch and play in Tate mode, it isn't easy to legitimize sprinkling such a lot of money to get it on an adorable GameCube plate. If you own it from once upon a time, however, Treasure's seminal shmup is for sure something to cherish for eternity.

Skies of Arcadia Legends

It rules as one of the head Dreamcast RPGs. You'll rapidly fall head over heels for Vyse and his Blue Rogues as they battle the insidious Valuan Empire. Sega, later the Dreamcast tragically fumbled, chose to port this incredible first-party RPG to the GameCube, re-naming it as Skies of Arcadia Legends.

TimeSplitters 2

Seen by numerous individuals as the swansong of the talented developers of GoldenEye 007, TimeSplitters 2 wasn't a GameCube exclusive, yet it was, unquestionably, one of the most mind-blowing FPS titles on the stage, or some other format besides, and the strongest entry in the series.

Resident Evil 4

It is the perfect Resident Evil 4 game for individuals who love to play horror games. It is a third-person shooter repulsiveness game created by Capcom Production Studio 4. The player controls the main hero Leon S. Kennedy, who struggles to fight with the horror elements. The main adversaries of Leon are the residents who've transformed into Zombies. Leon has a mission of saving the U.S president's girl, Ashley Graham, who a strange cult has kidnaped.

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