Top 10 Online Crazy Games to Play in Lockdown

The COVID-19 flare-up might have everybody around here by a shock, yet we have to respect the public authority's choice to keep things outright. Simultaneously, which implies you need to stay under any conditions, it gets genuinely exhausting for not having the option to find your companions and so forth. Well, if you wish to accomplish something beyond talking over writings and video calls with your companions, at that point, crazy gaming might be an excellent method to keep in contact with them during the lockdown. However, not every person is into playing games like Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile. Crazy Games can be straightforward, fun, and can be played together online too.

These crazy online games will assist you to engage everyone and may offer a break from the tense discussions around Covid-19. This will likewise help you stay in contact with loved ones, and every one of them can have some good times together playing these games.

Here are the Top 10 Online Crazy Games to Play in Lockdown

Pipe Game

It is a splendid and inventive Pipe riddle game where you should move and re-orchestrate an assortment of pipes to make a solitary connection and stream of water. You are given a horde of various shapes and sizes to work with.

Turn the lines, move them around, yet ponder the associations and try to make a proper flow. There are many levels to finish, and the challenge turns out to be progressively troublesome as you progress.

Madalin Stunt Cars 2

It is an awesome 3D vehicle driving game created by MadalinStanciu with 34 racing vehicles to browse. You can play it without help from anyone else or with others in multiplayer mode.

Goodgame Big Farm

It is a pleasant farm management game. Deal with your farm and become a fruitful farmer! Extend and move up to mean your advancement. Plant yields and watches out for animals for money to grow your farm.

Crazy Parking

Crazy Parking Game is a relentless and fun driving game in which you should control a small sport and practice your parking aptitudes! During each level, you should endeavor to leave your vehicle in the assigned spot - you have five lives for every level, so drive rapidly, however cautiously! If you collide with any object or other vehicle, you lose a life, so keep an eye out!

Catch the Candy

In the Catch the Candy game, be ready to leave on a sweet adventure! Everybody loves sweets; however, some go crazy for it. Take responsibility for a cushioned character with a big sweet tooth and help him arrive at his number one treat through a wide range of levels.

Candies are probably the best treats! They have countless flavors and are incredibly scrumptious! Your goal in this game is to gather sweets like this for your character.

Brick Breaking

In Brick Breaking Game Devastate the blocks by clicking the same colored groups with at any rate three bricks. If you devastate a gathering with at least minimum blocks, at that point, you get a bomb.

Cargo Drive

Cargo Drive is a fun, and good vehicle game in which you should convey a progression of hazardous freights to different areas. You control a ground-breaking conveyance truck with an open back, and the end is loaded with multiple products, for example, boxes, oil drums, and wood.

The Lost Pyramid

The Lost Pyramid is a fun and energizing two-player puzzle game in which you should reveal the fortunes of a shrouded pyramid. Every player controls a different character and has a novel arrangement of capacities that they should use to finish the difficulties and open the secrets of the Egyptian wonder. It is conceivable to play solo, yet the double keyboard control framework means this game is ideal for playing with loved ones!

Tic Tac Toe

It is the classic crazy game of crosses and naughts. Enjoy an online form of Tic-tac-toe with your companions! This game has stood the trial of time and is a famous title because of its simple interactivity and fun system. If you appreciate customary table games, at that point, you will love playing this online version.

Cry Islands

It is a 3D open-world FPS game that sets in a significant archipelago. This game is motivated by a Far Cry.

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