Blows Smasher is an arcade Skill Based Game where you want to earn as many points as possible on each level in only one moment. You procure points by slicing the bubbles and getting the power-ups. On each blow Smasher Game Online level, you just have 3 lives. One life will be spent on each destructive bubble you hit. The Blows Smasher Game Download is introduced diversely on certain levels so you will not get exhausted. Try to get the three-star rank on each level by earning as much as points as could be expected.

So, if you are tired of cutting fruits! Then, at that point, take your sharp edge to the bubble in this pleasant ability-based game! Cut the streaming bubbles in all levels of this Blows Smasher for Free! Cut and gather rises with enhancers and stay away from the deadly bubbles!

One by one, the bubbles slowly float from the bottom. The player's task is to get rid of the bubbles one by one. Be careful not to pick up the bubbles with gimmicks. Try to get rid of more bubbles and get higher scores before the time is exhausted.

Blows Smasher HTML5 is like the game Fruit Ninja. Be careful with various kinds of bubbles, there are explosive, lives, beams, combos and very high scoring combos. You can pop the air pockets by holding down the mouse button. The session is restricted to 1 moment.

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