Play Free Monster Trucks Racing Game

Time for the big monster truck rally! Racing over obstacles through beautiful landscapes, all headed to the finish line. In the game, we need to control the timing of the acceleration of the big truck to surpass the opponent to win the game. The use of gold coins can continuously strengthen the performance of the big truck. Let us try it together now!

Remote Control Monster Trucks Racing

Racing Monster Trucks is a racing game that puts you behind the wheel of an overpowered 4x4 with oversized wheels, a Monster Truck! Win the race and crush your competitors in this online car racing game. To drive your monstrous vehicle, use your mouse: at the start of the race, press the accelerator and keep the meter hand in the green zone when the light turns green to make the best start possible. During this car race, your vehicle will drive alone but you will have to shift gears yourself and only when the needle is in the green zone. Victory after victory, you will win more and more sums of money which will allow you to make improvements to your racing car in the garage: the adjustable wrench to increase power, the paint spray can to customize the bodywork, the 4x4 symbol to buy a new Monster Truck. Take the wheel of a powerful 4x4 in the racing game Racing Monster Trucks: use your mouse to press the accelerator and change gears at the right time (when the needle enters the green zone on the meter) to win the race !

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