Graffiti Run Game

A naughty kid likes to graffiti on the city's walls. However, It's not allowed by polices cause It has a negative effect on the city's image. The police are chasing after the kid. The player's task is to help the graffiti juvenile to avoid the police's pursue and capture. Control the jet to jump up to escape from the obstacles!

How to Play Graffiti Run

Tap the screen to make the kid jump up,

Some taps can make the kid fly over multiple obstacles.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Graffiti Run is a free online racing game for ps4 on At this game, players would also become naughty players. You have to help the kid to escape from the police's capture. There are many obstacles on the way. The kid can jump over them, but also take care of the obstacles in the air. Moreover, the kid needs to jump over multiple obstacles sometimes. When they occur, just continuous tap could let the kid fly over them. is a game website that contains a vast of html5 games, without downloading or registering. Players can enjoy the game world at home, office, or during the commute. You can play with your family, friends, and even your children. You may also like the below games:

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