Play Highway rider extreme game online

Would you like to be a DJ-Kendy, play crazy games with a group of friends? Highway Rider Extreme, a crazy cool game for adults and kids. In the game, the player would be a motorcycle enthusiast. There are many cars running on the highway. Players need to control the motorcycle to avoid hitting them. However, it's not easy. Because players need to collect enough gold stars to reach the following level and the stars are hidden between the cars and trucks. Kindly note the time is limited, players need to finish the mission quickly. The animation is vivid, which makes the player feel like riding on the real highway. We believe players would love it. Don't worry it's a boring journey, the difficulty would upgrade if players can move to the following level. Website has provided a good platform for the top best HTML5 Games Unblocked in the games industry.

How to Play Highway Rider Extreme

Click ⬅ to turn left,

Click ➡ to turn left or turn right,

Take care and change the lanes.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Well, everyone would say “cool, DJ-Kendy!” when opening this game. You can see the lanes, the real highway, and traffic jams. You can enjoy this exciting competition on the highway like you are a real DJ-Kendy. You have to drive at the fastest speed. But a traffic jam always occurs suddenly, when you are drunk in a feeling of excitement. So take care on the way. Website will make sure you can play this crazy game over and over games, without downloading or registering.
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