The second stage of the gold cannon shooter was grandly staged, and each shot was a precise shot. The player's mission is to help it complete the shooting mission and kill all the monsters on the map.

King soldiers 2 is the sequel of the first king warriors, a great fight game made for all ages. This adventurous shooting game has a lot of action for each gamer who wants to play.

Kings Soldiers 2 highlights engaging interactivity and simple controls. You order a solitary soldier armed with a rocket launcher and release the most significant disorder upon the attacking aliens to pass each level. Utilize your mouse to focus on the outsiders, and left-click to shoot rockets at them. They will lament their decision to attack your realm once they see your missiles come flying at them! In each level, you can gather up to three stars. This bar shows you the number of stars you'll get once you complete the level, as indicated by the number of shots you have discharged. A few levels will arrange your objectives in the open, yet in different phases of the game, you need to bob your rockets to reach some of the aliens. Plan your attacks cautiously and try to gather all of the stars!

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