Muddy Business Unblocked

The muddy pigs are arranged in the shape of a Tetris. The player's task is to place the piglets in a square lattice. The whole pig or the whole row of piglets can be eliminated. Eliminating more muddy piglets can get higher scores.

Line up the muddy pigs into the field to get the highest score conceivable in this Tetris/1010!- like riddle game!

In this new 1010! like riddle game Muddy Business Game, you need to drag piggies that are molded like squares in a Tetris game away from their darling earth and line them up in the knoll to score points. Make different lines to get extra points and a considerably higher score.

There are five unique formats to look over. Beginning with 1010! game design, you can open different forms if you arrive at certain high-scores. Thus, let us go and line them up now!

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