The second part of the rushing Ninja Action 2, new content waiting for you to challenge! In this parkour zombie game, we need to change the route of Ninja action by clicking, and get as much gold coins as possible during the game. It should be noted that the map will be randomly generated. Let us try it together now!

Parkour zombie game Ninja Action 2

With the parkour zombie game Ninja Action 2, it's a new free vector parkour game that we invite you to discover. For those of you who liked the Ninja Action game, you will appreciate the second game all the more as it presents new difficulties that you will have to overcome ... To play this online ninja game, use your mouse left click to jump. You will have to go from platform to platform without dropping your ninja into the deep abysses that surround the scenery, which would spell the end of the game. Gold coins are scattered throughout the course, try to collect as much as possible to increase your score!

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