Pirate Kid Parkour Game

The pirate kid is about to launch thrilling parkour. There will be many obstacles like monkey, crab, fierce, etc, in the process. The player's mission is to avoid these obstacles and go straight to the front parkour. Get more rewards and run even further!

How to Play Pirate Kid

Slightly tap the screen to make the pirate kid jump up,

Make sure the pirate kid jump over the river and kinds of obstacles,

Collect the diamonds on the way.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

If you hunger for the excitement of adventure on the high oceans, at that point, load up this Pirate Kid game and bounce into the action! Jump valiantly, starting with one platform then onto the next as you get sparkling jewels and dodge those troublesome adversaries. Crabs leave to and fro, holding back to trap you. Monkey pirates sneer at you from behind their eyepatches. Goodness, and don't hop excessively high, because those pelicans will get you!
The more you can run, the quicker you'll go. Get as much fortune as possible without getting taken out by one of the baddies. That is what a real pirate lives for, after all: treasure!
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