Play Ninja Run Unblocked

Run Ninja is a trial tour of the Free Running Games Unblocked, and you can survive if you keep running! In the game, players need to constantly acquire stars, avoid obstacles and dangers on the road, survive successfully, and get higher scores.

How to Play Run Ninja

Tap the screen to change Ninja's track,

Slide the screen forward, jump over the trap,

Collect the stars.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Play Free Running Games Unblocked at Open this game screen, you can see a Ninja running quickly on the road. There are rewards and traps along the way. It's a journey with surprise and adventure. And an interesting thing will occur on the way, a star appears between two continuous traps. A crazy game player may choose to pick up this dangerous star. However, moderate players would tap the screen and change Ninja's track to avoid all the traps and stars. If you were the player, how would you choose your runway? Maybe you need to play and test your first choice! At Run Ninja game, your mission is to collect more stars and get higher scores. Let's see how far can you run.
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