Save the Date

People who work at office would be feel crazy at this game. Cause players need to make up at working time, which can't be seen by the boss. Once players are found not working well during attendance time, the employee would be fired and the game will be over. This girl has a date with her frinds after work, but in a great hurry. Come on and help this girl to save the date. It's a free online game.

How to Play Save the Date

Make up: Choose the virtual makeover tools and start to make up for the girl.

Alert: When the symbol (!! )appears, close the tool box and continue working. Take care the time limitation.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Play Save The Date Cooking Games Online Free - Save the date is one of our handpicked online cooking video game that can be played on any device, without registeration and downloading. This game is suitable for kids and adults. It can test kid's reflex, because they need to find the "danger" quickly. For the adults, people can do what they can't do in their actual working time, which let them feel excited. We believe you would find much at this game Save the Date. To be a kind person, help this girl to save the date promptly. We believe you would have much fun in the free online game.
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