Warehouse King 2 Game

In the game, we need to control the pixel dragons to jump at the right time to avoid obstacles and traps on the way, and run as far as possible! Let us try it now!

It is a straightforward game in which players need to control the T-rex and help the T-rex cross the path full of obstacles like plants, birds, buildings, and much more. It is a never-ending arcade adventure game that has beautiful graphics and background sound. It is also known as the Dino run game, which is played by just press the space bar, and the dino will begin running. Press the up arrow to bounce over the obstructions in your way. The more you hold the up arrow, the higher dino will hop.

If you need to dodge under something, press the down arrow. The more you play, the quicker dino runs/the ground moves. When you collide with something, the game is finished, and you need to restart. You can play again by hitting the space bar.It is one of the readily available Online Free Games and very popular among various Games for Kids.

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