In the game, the alien mob accidentally broke into an unknown planet on an adventure trip, now we need to help it avoid the traps and leave safely here!

Destroy Eyed Alien Game is an exciting HTML5 Online Free Games genre. In this game, players need to control the alien and jump from one platform to another while destroying the all-looked aliens. It is one of the fun adventure platform Games for Kids, in which there are several exciting levels, and it gets harder with each pass.

Very interesting platform game where your job is to destroy all eyed aliens and to finish all 5 levels without loose your lives.
You need to keep your alien away from your rival since they can hurt you, and you can lose your life. It has excellent graphics and background music, making this game more exciting and adventurous than other alien games. You can easily Play Games Online Free using arrow keys or tap the screen. And don't forget to gather coins to get a high score and pass more levels as you can.
So, do try out this game, and you will surely going to have fun.

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