Out of the box board games

In this great Out of the Box Games, the objective is to get all bears to the exit. At each level, there are extra things you can do other than accomplishing this objective. You can allow the brown bear to eat some food to make him glad or let the bears utilize the material accessible to open specific items or... The level you will play next relies upon the extra things you do as such act admirably!

Out of The Box Board Games are a whelp situated game created via Cartoon Network and created by Killa Bunnies and is themed after "The Road." After being dropped into the Out of The Box Game play, the goal is to tackle the riddles of each level and progress through every entryway while gathering the levels' things en route. The lone bear accessible toward the beginning is Grizzly;notwithstanding, the other two bears, Panda and Ice Bear can be found and opened while advancing through the levels.
A few things can't be gotten without the assistance of a specific bear, so back-tracking is fundamental after opening the other two bears. So, go until you arrive at the last level, which will end up being a genuine test. Show off with your score to your companions and see who can be the best at escaping!

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