Ice Cream Workshop

The ice cream workshop is freshly opened! A variety of ice cream flavors await you to discover. In the game, players get gold coins by making and selling ice cream, and the success of the game will get a new ice cream flavor. Hurry and make money to expand your ice cream industry!

How to Play Ice Cream Workshop

According to the customer's order, choose the correct ingredients for them.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Ice cream is great, but it really depends on your toppings, so be sure to put on some icing, fruit, and chocolate fudge for a delicious decoration! Ice Cream Workshop is a vivid game, if you're a prankster, don't make the ice cream when the customer standing in front of the workshop and let them keep waiting. Then you will find their experssion changes from joyful to angry. Although this is not a good deed in real life, but we can do something that we can't do in real life and no one will be blamed. If you are not a prankster, then work well and make an ice cream quickly and correctly. Come on and play this interesting free online game.
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