Playcanvas Games Unblocked

The out-of-control plane is constantly falling, the new 3D scene, the overbearing traction is always against you, see how you break free from shackles, save the crash that affects thousands of people, and challenge your driving skills.

The sky's the cut-off! Become a bold pilot and show your flying abilities in SWOOOP! Bounce in your biplane and find a fantastic world. Gather gems, stars, and wrenches on your way, and make a point to dodge the mists to arrive at the highest score!

The mechanics of the game is fundamental: click your mouse to make the plane go up. What's extraordinary with the game is that the plane circles around the island, introduced in 3D. This same island can be found on the main page of Play canvas. So, keep getting those stars to refuel your plane, or, more than else, you will tumble off the island.

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