Your goal is to find all the items before the end of the specified time, otherwise you will lose the game. In addition, in addition to the arm, you can also collect different items at the beginning of the game, but do not eat ice cream or black clouds. Pick up the key, stand on the switch and open the secret door of all the fun rooms. Don't waste your time, start this exciting game now!

Bunsen is a Beast: Arm-a-Gettin is one of the best action-adventure games for Kids dependent on the Bunsen is a Beast animated cartoon TV franchise. You need to be Bunsen Play Games Online Free and help him discover all of his missing arms spread around his giant house before the time expires.

Play Arm-A-Gettin' - Explore, collect items, watch out for enemies, and help Bunsen find his arms in the super fun game Arm-A-Gettin'!
The objective of this Online Free Games genre is to investigate the vast manor, searching for the arms Bunsen has lost. He needs to open new ways, going into and leaving numerous rooms. There is a vast number, and he must be mindful of the beasts inside.
So, gather things and watch out for hazardous articles.

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