Play Free Brick Breaking Game

This is a classic brick-breaking game. The player's task is to knock all the bricks off the level. From time to time, there will be props and stars falling in the game. Getting the stars will make you hit the bricks faster! Hurry and join the challenge!

Brick Breaking Game is a cool online puzzle game where you need to match colours to make bricks vanish. You get going with a screen loaded up with colourful bricks, which you can undoubtedly eliminate. Basically, by tapping on one of them, the breaking bricks will vanish. However, gravity being what it is, additionally implies that all the encompassing blocks drop down to fill the gaps. Out of nowhere, you end up with a new block of same-coloured blocks to tap on.

This Brick Breaking Game Online is a variation from the game Arkanoid, where you'll be trying to launch the approaching ball from your foundation so it hits colourful bricks that will then, get annihilated. You will try to annihilate each of the bricks in all of the levels like this Brick Breaking Hex Game. Be careful, since you lose a life at whatever point the ball falls through and you don't exactly get it. You have diverse troublesome levels available to you in this Brick Breaking Game with Ball. Show your reflexes!So, play this classic Brick Breaker game in the full glory of 3D polygons! Destroy various blocks all at once in Brick Breaker 3D! Collect power-ups and crash those bricks in full power. Witness the wonderful effects as you play and have a good time.

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