Pumpkin Dash

The Pumpkin Man is doing parkour at a horrible place. He needs to overcome kinds of obstacles on the road, escape from the deadly toothed wheel, and collect pumpkins. Players that like parkour and adventure would have fun at Pumpkin Dash.

How to Play Pumpkin Dash

Tap the screen to make the pumpkin man jump up and down,

Avoid the deadly toothed wheel,

Collect the pumpkins on the road.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

As a game enthusiast, I have to say Pumpkin Dash is one of the most difficult parkour games ever. The special point is that players not only need to handle the difficulty on the road but also a deadly toothed wheel chasing behind this pumpkin man. So based on a parkour game, it is also an adventure game. Similar to other parkour games or racing games, the character in the game needs to jump up and down to overcome the obstacles. However, there are deadly spikes on the way, a wrong tapping would cause an unsuitable falling position for this pumpkin man, finally, game over. I think It's two of the biggest difficulties. Come on and challenge yourself.
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