Neon Man Mobile

In this game, It seems there is a neon man running again and again. Players need to tap the screen timely to make the neon man jump over the obstacles like big rocks, kinds of animals, etc.

How to Play Neon Man Mobile

The neon man keep running automatically,

Tap the screen to make the neon man jump over kinds of obstacles


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Neon man mobile is a free online parkour game at, without downloading or registering. As a game enthusiast, I have to say the operation in this game is very easy. The players only need to tap the screen to make the neon man jump over the obstacles. The difficulty is when players should make the neon man jump. Because If the neon man falls on the obstacles, then game over. So it's very important to jump at the correct point. Come on and check if you are a clever parkour man!
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