In the game, we need to control the thief to escape the city with a gold bag. The tall building needs to be long pressed to use the rope. The low house can be short-stroke and jump. Be careful not to hit the obstacle, otherwise the game will end.

City Theft is one of the best Play Games Online Free available here at Games4HTML5. It's a great Online Free Games genre, in which you will be playing a thief who recently got away from jail and has stolen the bag of money. Your main objective is to jump over various obstacles and reach the destination without getting caught. It's one of the great adventure Games for Kids that you will definitely love to play. Try to run through obstacles as far as possible and take good care not to get harmed. It is easy to play but challenging to master, in which, if you fall once while running, then you need to restart the game from the beginning.

The graphics and gameplay are very boundless and have soothing background music. However, we believe you will play the game and finish it one go. So do give it a try once.

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