Play this Cross the Bridge Game by estimating the length of the gap between two bridges. It is one of the most challenging math and logic game, in which one must figure out how to get across the bridge by making a bridge. Cross the Bridge Game Download is a tactical game in which players must use their reasoning and logical thinking for deciphering how to get across through gaps and reach the end to win this game.Cross the Bridge Game Online is easy to play but challenging to master that requires math calculations to make a bridge.

If players make a short bridge, it will not reach the next rooftop,which fails, and you need to start again. So, play and enjoy this Cross the Bridge Game and prepare for some intriguing levels. Feel the real gaming world. Utilize best bridge crossing abilities. Stretch out the bridge to the suitable length, then, at that point, let the robot cross it. Gather coins to buy power-ups, like balloon rescue and intelligent buildings. Cross the Bridge Game Download is an introductory tap game that will scrutinize your brain reflexes to test.

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