Play Free Zombie Mutation

The game is similar to the 2048, but it changes the number to a zombie avatar. We need to slide the two identical zombie avatars to make them evolve. Let's try it out now!

How to Play Zombie Mutation

Pick up a corner, move the images to this corner from the other two directions,

Try to move the same images next to each other,

Always make sure there are enough blank spaces to move the zombie avatar.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Play puzzle games online at, without downloading or registering. At this game, players can see various zombie avatars. Once a zombie image is moved, a new zombie coming out. Players' target is to eliminate the same zombies next to each other and save more space. Otherwise, players would lose this game cause no more space for the zombie to evolve. Test whether you can save the space and see more zombie avatars? Play the hottest puzzle games in 2021! Take up this challenge!
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