Stickman Vertical Drop Game Play

Two stickmen shuttle back and forth between the walls, avoiding obstacles on the walls, as the speed of the game increases and obstacles increase. Players must move stickman faster and get high scores.

Stickman Vertical Drop is a tremendous problem-solving Online Free Games where you need to control two vertical stickman drops around the wall. It is fun to listen to the excellent background music and watch as the stickman falls, flips, and flops down the wall. Both divisions have obstacles that can affect and kill the stickman as soon as they touch them.

You need to stay focus and quickly react to both sides to avoid the obstacles as well as objects in your way. Moreover, as long as you drop, great leads you to score higher. Drag the stickman at the top to where you want to release it, and then click the "drop" button. The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible. It is easy to play Games for Kids but hard to master. This is a fun, challenging, and addicting Play Games Online Free available for all browsers.

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