Pirates Slay Game Play

Pirates slay is a battle with the pirate zombies. In the game, the player's task is to take their gold under the pirate zombies' defense. This game is popular with game fans in the United States and Europe, as one of the classic crazy games. Of course, there are a lot of risks on the way, so be careful when taking golds. Upgrade! So even if you encounter a pirate zombie, you will not let yourself die quickly. And the defense of the pirates behind the level is a level of strictness. You must control your hero and work through a series of different levels. During your journey you must slay the pirate zombies you encounter - watch out, if they get too close they will kill you! Do you have confidence? Let's challenge together!

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How to Play Pirates Slay

Forward: Press →

Back: Press ←

Jump: Press ↑

Attack: Sword & Bomb (Note: Players need enough golds to charge the weapons)


Web Browser

You will have your hands full and work your brain at Pirates Slay. On the way to be a winner, you need to kill the pirates, step across the hills, and collect the coins. When you meet all of them, how will you do it and which one will you choose? The real king of this game will not choose, the only choice is to win all of them. Crazy games need crazy methods. Your skills will become stronger if you have experienced some other HTML5 games unblocked.
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