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Play one of the hottest crazygames unblocked online-Android Chimps Ahoy game, the territory of the pirate monkey was occupied by the evil orangutan, and in order to recapture the lost territory, an adventure journey began. This beautifully crafted H5 game is a rare encounter, coupled with a wealth of game content, which has made players completely unable to stop. In the game, players can unlock new skills and new monkeys by upgrading their monkey skills, regain more territory to get more banana resources, and quickly come to the game to experience the thrill of regaining lost ground! Moreover, you will get more crazy time at This platform collected top of the best free online Free HTML5 Games Unblocked. So, if playing a browser-based game is your hobby, then connect with

How to Play Chimps Ahoy

Check the route on the map firstly,

Do the right-click to draw the route, and then release. Finally, the boat starts to sail.

On the way to rescue other villages, there are evil orangutan's boats. Keep them away to avoid fighting.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Among all the crazy games, Chimps Ahoy must be one of the games that we have to recommend. The key point to play this game is a global processing style. Don't do anything in a hurry. Firstly, you have to check your map to make a guideline that will help to escape from the evil orangutan's boats. Secondly, if you meet them unluckily, you have to face this battle with them. However, the number of your soldiers is limited. So you have to have a plan for how to fight with them. Well, that's why I said that you needed to think globally. Otherwise, you are playing with fire during this process. If you can win this game, then you deserve a crown of a real leader. Not only will you get the adore from the villagers, but also the rewards of HTML5 games unblocked.
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