Double Stickman Jumping

Play Stickman Jumping Games Online. Two stickmen are running. However, they are running on different screens. On the way, both of them would meet the same obstacles at the same time. So players need to operate with two hands at the same time. It's a test to make two stickmen jump over all obstacles successfully!

How to Play Double Stickman Jumping

Tap the screen to jump over,

Hold this game with two hands.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Double Stickman Jump Fun games are in the class of Games For Kids, and you can play this for free. Stickman Jump games Fun is a fun, addictive aptitude game that encourages you to unwind after working or learning. Stay away from the fatal obstacles and bounce as high as possible to score more and challenge your companions, and test their aptitudes. Stickman Jump Games classification is an action-packed bouncing expertise round of endurance where you need to keep an aerobatic Stickman noticeable worldwide to the extent that this would be possible by over and over arriving on any of 3 moving stages. These trampoline-style stages glide hazardously over a tricky field of mushrooms, so your Stickman's midair developments should be exact and precise to keep away from a game-finishing fall! Score the same number of points as you can by physically crossing over around the focus spot with each bounce, and earn cool upgrades and rewards with great jumps.
Features of Fun Stickman Jump Games

  • Addictive interactivity, fun and straightforward

  • Tilt your phone to move

  • Mass fortune to collect

  • A ridiculous skeleton holding up ahead

  • Trouble will increase as the game proceeds

  • All around planned designs and sounds

  • Game Center Support

  • It's Free

Guidelines to Play This Stickman Jump Games
On your cell phone or tablet, you can play this game on touch screens by tapping or swiping. The game should fit on your screen. If there is a warning about the direction of your phone or tablet, if you don't mind, turn your phone or tablet to address the movement. Revive the page if essential. You can open different games from underneath by choosing the suggested matches, next to or previous games.

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