Duck Mageddon

DuckMageddon is a traditional Nintendo Duck Hunt revamp highlighting current speed and humor. Loosen up your mind while you chase swarms of sly ducks rising from the close-by lake. Their numbers increment every day, and no one but you can save the nearby environment from their frenzy. It is endless gameplay. Players will find two sorts of duck, male and female.

How to Play Duck Mageddon

Check the mission firstly,

Tap the flying duck and shoot

Reload the gun timely.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Duck Mageddon is one of the hottest 3d shooting games online. The aim of the game is primary, shoot a specific number of ducks to move to the next level, try to hit the same number of ducks as you can to get additional points. A few ducks fly out gradually; however, some fly out quickly, so focus and be hasty. The game is proposed for all ages, particularly for fanatics of shooter games. You will enjoy playing this awesome internet hunting game Duck Mageddon.
Duck Mageddon Game is accessible to play free of charge. It is playable online as an HTML5 game; accordingly, no download is essential. An excellent farm chase is going to start! The player needs to trust that the ducks will fly and afterward tap the screen to hit them. There is an excessive number of ducks quacking in the lake close by. Cut their numbers down! Utilize the left mouse button to shoot. So, load your rifle to be ready for a crazy Duck Mageddon Game. Take out your objectives rapidly and kill the mentioned number of little ducklings.
Take your weapon in your hands and go for duck chasing! The point of the game is straightforward, shoot a specific number of ducks to move to a higher level, make a point to shoot as many ducks as you can to get additional points. A few ducks flying out leisurely, yet some of them fly out quick, so focus and be hasty. Amazing animations, graphics, and audio effects of nature and ducks that will take your breath away! The Duck Mageddon Game is intended for all ages, particularly for fans of shooter games. Enjoy playing this great online hunting game Duckmageddon.
So be prepared with your weapon and show no kindness as the duck hunting season is open! The players also like the following games:

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