Light Rays Game

Light Rays Game is playable online as an HTML5 game; like this, no download is essential. Light Rays is a 3D physical puzzle game. Your point in this game is to make mirrors, direct light beams, hit the objective, and win the Light Rays Game Play. Bring the light rays to the crystal bulb with help from the mirrors, yet you have a couple of mirrors for a level.

You will likely reflect the light with mirrors, so it beams on the large jewel. Spot your mirrors accurately around the stage with the goal that the light eventually hits the huge sparkling stone. Think ahead before setting your mirrors as you don't get any renewed opportunities. Try to finish each of the 18 brain-teasing levels.

Tap or click to place mirrors. Tap or snap on the mirrors to alter directions.

It's an incredible physics game for youngsters to give their brain an exercise and learn about light reflection. Ten levels are waiting for you to finish. Snap to play the Light Rays Game free online now.

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