Shadow Boy Adventure Game

Shadow Boy Adventure Game is an online HTML5 game. The shadow boy faces numerous deterrents, including thistles, beasts, and fireballs on his adventure road. Help the shadow kid run as long as you can to gather more coins and bounce the snags. You have three lives to use in the game.

A kid went to the forest with his mother, hoping to have an incredible cookout. However, unfortunately, the forest was mystical, and there were awful shadow beasts. Beasts took their shadings and got his mother; however, the kid prevails to escape from them. He began an adventure to take his mother and colors back.

In this crazy Shadow Boy Adventure Game, he will have a lot of foes to go head-to-head. Indeed, even the adorable hare will likewise be there to prevent your person from moving forward. Your goal in this brand-new adventure game is to assist him with reaching a protected spot without hitting any snares, plants, and creatures. You can utilize the mouse or tap the screen to hop and help him securely. Help him in this stunning adventure and see the end of the story for this poor kid.

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